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Welcome to the Spring edition of 60 North! 

Shetland is waking up from its winter sleep. The islands are getting ready for spring, and another busy year ahead. To inspire you in this issue we are bringing you a big feature on Shetland gardens – yes, it is possible to have a beautiful garden in Shetland, but it requires plenty of hard work and good shelter. 

James Morton talks about his Shetland upbringing, baking, and his new book which comes out in March.

For knitters we have a very interesting article about the history of the Shetland Yoke, written by Kate Davies. Roslyn Chapman delves even further into Shetland’s textile history, based on her research into Margaret Currie’s battle against the ‘truck and barter’ system. And Laurie Goodlad looks at the role of Shetland women in World War One.

Art lovers won’t be disappointed either as Mike Finnie takes us on a trip to Sweden, where he and Anne Bain spent one month sketching and painting. And closer to home Sumburgh Head Visitor Centre now offers artist residencies. And there’s a wee taste of gin from Unst.

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