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60N Winter 2015

We never cease to be amazed at how much is going on in Shetland, it is an incredibly busy place at the moment. There are major developments in the energy and decommissioning sectors, the textile industry is going through a revival, with new businesses and designers popping up the whole time, and there is an increased appetite for keeping local traditions alive, particularly in the food and drink sector.

And the common thread through all of the above? – we live in an incredibly lively and vibrant place with a brilliant community of skilled people who are passionate about Shetland and making things happen.

In this issue we set off on the Shetland Food Trail to visit some local food producers, Donna Smith and Roslyn Chapman will give you an insight into Shetland’s knitting history and there are also a couple of interesting visits to the past with Jon Dunn who has delved into Shetland’s whaling industry and Chris Dyer who recounts the exciting role of Sumburgh Head during WWII. We also hear from Tom Morton who shares his experience of Shetland during the first oil boom and how things have changed since.

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