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Shetland is a cluster of over one hundred islands, each with its own heritage and history. Whichever areas you visit, there's a wealth of archaeological and historical sites to uncover and an amazing variety of wildlife to identify. Each of the islands has an individual and special character.

In this part of the website, we offer you a taste of the many delights that await you in every part of Shetland. Wherever you go, there are opportunities for adventure. Whatever appeals to you -  walking, windsurfing, fishing, cycling, beachcombing, bird-watching, scuba-diving, sailing, whale-watching, photography, sketching, surfing or kayaking – Shetland has something to suit every visitor.

Golfers will find two challenging courses, together with a driving range, on the Mainland, and another dramatically-sited course on the island of Whalsay. Anglers love Shetland too. There are over 365 lochs holding brown trout and the sea fishing is superb. If you’re sailing, there’s some wonderful coastal scenery to provide a relaxing backdrop.

We strongly recommend that you sample different parts of Shetland. For example, not only are our northern isles of Unst, Yell and Fetlar different from the Mainland, they’re also different from one another. A trip to any of the more outlying islands, Fair Isle, Foula or Skerries, is a different experience again.

Getting around is easy, whether by foot, car, bus or cycle. Our internal ferry and air services mean that you can reach every part of Shetland conveniently and at a surprisingly low cost.

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